The Battle Cats
The Battle Cats
The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats allow players to use their strangely cute cats to defend themselves. They can also take over the planet by fighting off their enemies. You could defeat your adversaries and conquer their territory.

There will also be additional stages. Each level gives you XP, which you can use to improve your cat's health and develop it further. Once a monster has reached level 10, it gains greater strength and might be able to reveal its True form. You'll be able to collect rare and exotic creatures as well as unique treasures. You should make sure that you stock up on cat food for your kitty army.

The Battle Cats will entertain you for hours with their hundreds of Story Mode levels as well as countless Legend challenges. Get The Battle Cats right now!

Clash of Heroes and Castle Keeper are two other options if you're looking for strategy games. If you download these games from our site, you may be able to play them on your own computer.


  • Basic and simple combat system
  • Hundreds of adorable and odd cats to unlock and use in combat
  • Simple leveling technique
  • Several narrative modes with hundreds of levels each, including legend challenges


Using mouse.