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Beaver's Blocks

Beaver's Blocks1 votes. 4 / 5

Beaver's Blocks is a block puzzle that will put your reasoning and mental skills to the test.

In this game, the goal is to create a pattern using blocks that are different shapes on a 9x9 grid. To remove the entire board, complete 3 by 3 grids or rows in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. You will get a higher score if you are able to remove more blocks. You should do your best to reach the highest score possible.

Both the gameplay and the Christmas theme are intriguing. The puzzle game seems like it would fit in with the Christmas holiday. You can continue to play and take it all in if you have no plans. Our website also offers other games, including Red And Green Christmas and Snow Rider 3D.


Hold the left mouse button and release it to move the blocks.

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