Clash Of Heroes
Clash Of Heroes
Clash Of Heroes

Clash Of Heroes

Clash of Heroes is a game in which you must not lose heart if you want to win. It takes a lot of math to be the hero in this conflict. Therefore, you need to put your best effort into this conflict and give everything you can. Let's see if we can find the true hero.

This strategy game is not about taking unnecessary risks. You will only need your brain, not your might. Create a group of people and then go into combat. Pick the card that you want to use in combat from your hand. Click and drag this card into play. When you have enough points to activate the hero, he'll appear on the battlefield. Both the enemy army must be defeated as well as its fortifications. Each victory will be rewarded with gold, medals, experience, and other rewards. Your victories can be used to build stronger defenses. This includes your army as well as fortifications. You can then face increasingly powerful foes. You can conquer the kingdoms and enemies of your enemies to win for your side!

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  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Many levels to be completed
  • Cloud system with progress storage is provided
  • Tower, hero, and item parameters that may be upgraded


Drag the heroes on the available slots to start attacking your enemies.

How To Play

How To Play Clash of Heroes