VEX 3 Xmas
VEX 3 Xmas
VEX 3 Xmas

VEX 3 Xmas

Vex 3 Xmas will be a hit with players because it combines the classic Vex action with a winter setting. You'll hear unique, specially composed music on your journey. Travel through an icy Christmas wonderland complete with festive trees and candy canes. There are still many obstacles to overcome, even if you are in a joyful environment. You can complete the levels if you stay clear of dangerous traps. Stickman is a unique form that requires you to maneuver quickly and accurately around dangerous hazards. Each step is important, as a careless leap could lead to an awful death.

Vex 3 Xmas begins in a tranquil winter wood but quickly transforms into a perilous race across dangerous landscapes. It's not just about completing all the levels; it's also the way they are completed that makes the game unique. If you're going to win, then your speed and ability to perform each jump flawlessly are essential.

Vex 3 Xmas's brilliant music and lights create a festive atmosphere. The simple design and thematic appeal keep players engaged.

Vex 3 Xmas offers unique gameplay and a challenging challenge. The game tests your skills and gives you an incredible sense of achievement as you progress through the levels. Vex 3 Xmas is proof that skill-based games do not have to be complex in order to be engaging and entertaining. Players must escape and avoid deadly traps in a race.

Vex 3 Xmas combines an enjoyable atmosphere with a challenging game. The Winter Challenge will get you in the mood for Christmas. Mastering platformers will help you have a great VeXmas. Enjoy the full splendor of vintage Vex.

How to play

  • Move: "W, A, S, D" or "ARROW KEYS"
  • Slide: "S" or "DOWN ARROW"
  • Jump: "W" or "UP ARROW"

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