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Bowling Challenge

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It is the object of Bowling Challenge, a skill game, to knock a number of pins over. Doesn't this seem so straightforward?

You can choose between limitless or leveled gameplay.

Bowling Challenge may be controlled by either a mouse or a touchscreen. The ball can be moved by either drawing or using a fast swipe.

In the stage mode, you can progress through a number of levels that have distinct objectives. You must be able to jump at the right time to avoid cones that are moving. You'll find that the difficulty of each level increases as you play. The pins will fall from the ceiling and you have to remove them all. You will lose your game if you accidentally knock over a pin with the ball. To earn the Championship Trophy in this version, you have to be very accurate, as there are obstacles.


The attack is triggered when the user swipes their finger across the screen.

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