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Color Road

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Color Road allows you to choose a color for the ball and move it slowly down a path. You must move away as much as possible from the starting point.

You can get the best distance by paying attention to color. Navigation can be done with either your mouse or just your finger. Your ball changes color every time you pass over a gap. Pay attention to where your balls make contact to avoid touching anything other than the ball's color. The ball will bounce if you miss. The balls can move either right or left, so you must be precise. The points increase if the balls are striped. You may also need to go through some gates.

As you proceed, Color Road accelerates your ball. As your ball makes successive jumps, you'll have to be very attentive to what colors it picks up. You'll find coins all over the place.

Mob Control, if you like Color Road, is an excellent option.


Tap and hold to move.

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