Bike jump
Bike jump
Bike jump

Bike jump

You will find your inner daring and adventurer in Bike Jump. Your off-road motorcycle will not be as long-lasting and fast-moving as choppers. You can do a variety of ridiculous leaps. Learn the best jumps and tricks so you can enjoy your game.

You can move your bike using the arrows or WASD keys. In a similar way to Mission: Impossible, let go when you're flying to test your ability to complete the missions. A higher prize is given for closer proximity.

When you perfect your riding skills on a motorcycle, it is possible to set new records. You can also soar further. By improving the environment around it, your vehicle will be able to leap farther and farther. Your vehicle will be able to soar at incredible speeds. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-filled ride!


  • For greater slingshot power, enhance your initial velocity.
  • Engine: Increase the pace of the vehicle.
  • Increasing your income to finance future renovations is a bonus.

How to play

Press the W key or the left mouse button to ride the bike and control your jetpack.

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