Muscle Clicker 2
Muscle Clicker 2
Muscle Clicker 2

Muscle Clicker 2

Muscle Clicker 2 was brought back due to popular demand. To create huge muscles, you only need to click on the display! Strengthening your muscles will help you become an expert in sports. Workouts will help you increase your muscular tone. This includes riding, weight lifting (such as dumbbells), kettlebells, or other types of exercises. The control is handy and will help with each movement. Compete if you wish to set records in squats and pull-ups. You can even try some kicks or ball throws. By using more simulations and weights to exercise, you can gain money and experience. You can level up as you move through the different stages. You will see your muscles grow larger as your status increases. You can experience the thrill of reaching new fitness targets by tapping into and pushing beyond your comfort zones. Taping and training can help you achieve fitness mastery. As you improve, enjoy the feeling of excitement as your muscles increase. With this game, you can have a blast and push yourself beyond your limits!


  • To get in shape, utilize dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise cycles, bench presses, and treadmills.
  • Establish new records in intensely competitive pull-up, squat, throw, and ball-kick competitions.
  • Obtain additional knowledge and funds by acquiring and training with new weights and exercise equipment.
  • Consider purchasing and utilizing stimulants to increase your strength and stamina.
  • As you progress through the levels, your muscles grow and you may earn status points that can be used to improve your leg, arm, and other muscular strength and stamina.
  • Complement it with an assortment of footwear and accessories. Decide on the hues of your blouses, trousers, and game backdrops.

How To Play

Left Click.

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