Doll Cake Maker
Doll Cake Maker
Doll Cake Maker

Doll Cake Maker

Doll Cake Maker allows you to create beautiful doll outfits. You should decorate the skirts with patterns and have them adhere to the right hem. You can make a unique cake. What's the recipe? As is obvious, each cake represents a different interpretation of Barbie's iconic design. It must make you happy to have learned all there is about these Barbie cakes.

You can decorate your cake however you like. You can send the cake as a birthday gift or to cherished ones. You can use your creativity, test your skills, and be a part of the creation process.

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  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Logical regulates
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Various cake recipes
  • Various methods to employ

How To Play

Before beginning to decorate your cake, you should become familiar with the controls. Fortunately, you only need a cursor to select among all the frostings. Likewise for the décor! Make your selections and then place them on the cake! There is no correct method to bake a cake, so you should simply have fun and explore all the delicious possibilities!