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Tall Man Evolution

Tall Man Evolution1 votes. 5 / 5

Tall Man Evolution brings the adrenaline-pumping parkour sport to life. The game is fast-paced and non-stop, from beginning to end. It is your job to direct the big man towards the entrance that corresponds with the gate and protect him against any potential dangers. Use your skills in directing to lead the stickman through the appropriate gate. Watch out for challenges that could potentially knock him off his feet. Diamonds can be collected by playing video games. This will allow you to purchase new clothing for your avatar, or virtual character. Tall Man Evolution, the ultimate in parkour and exploration, would be a huge understatement. This game provides an endless supply of chances to visit unknown places and meet colorful characters.

You might also enjoy Color Road and What a Leg if Tall Man Evolution is your thing. The two games have the same quality.


Use the mouse. Hold and move right or left to control your character.

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