Dynamons 6
Dynamons 6
Dynamons 6

Dynamons 6

Enter Dynamons 6 and get ready to capture a wide variety of creatures as Jovani, patiently and persistently leads you around your environment!

Follow Master Jovani’s instructions to discover the skills and knowledge required to become a Captain Dynamon. Discover special Dynamons such as Gryphonix and Surfant by exploring Klaude’s castle, the challenge cave, and the treasure cave. To assemble your team and be confident in facing hundreds of enemies, you will have to carefully choose each animal.

After you've gathered a powerful group of Dynamons, test your team’s strength by playing one-on-one matches with other Dynamon Trainers. You can use powerful power-ups to help you win battles and show off your strategy. You will only be able to continue your journey if you have proven your worth in battle.

Dynamons 6 continues the legacy of its predecessor for athletes. The game offers a fun and engaging environment. Its captivating storyline, diverse monsters, and fierce fights are sure to appeal to casual and franchise fans alike. Demonstrate your skills as a Dynamon leader by creating a powerful squad of Dynamons and engaging in intense combat. Do you have the best Dynamon training skills? Find out now by playing Dynamons!


  • Fight against and amass new dynamons
  • Explore four novel locations
  • Gain proficiency with powerful strikes and enhancements.
  • Share Dynamons with companions
  • Gaze upon the awe-inspiring visuals and animations.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the in-game UI.

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