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The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz8 votes. 4.5 / 5

The Impossible Quiz is one of the hardest quizzes findable on the world wide web. Answer all the questions and win! Is it that simple? Or is it not? Check the impossible quiz yourself. In this fun online trivia quiz game, you have to answer the questions carefully otherwise you'll be shot. You have three lives and you need them. Give your best shot to beat to the impossible quiz. 

They also refer the quiz as the most impossible quiz, because some of the answers doesn’t make sense. We know that sounds weird, but no worries, you’ll make it to the end. Good luck! 


How To Play

Use the mouse to click on the right answer.


Tips and Tricks

Read the questions carefully, sometimes the answer may be somewhere on the game screen other than where the normal answers are.

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