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VEX Challenges

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You must beat 75 progressively harder stages of the platform and skill game VEX Challenges in under ten seconds. To survive, your character must have lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint precision. If you're looking to score high on an activity, then it is important to make every effort possible to achieve all three stars. You will not have any room for error, so your jumping and running must be perfect. As you progress through the game, more challenging and perilous levels will be added. You can customise your avatar by choosing from different skins. A covert Challenge Mod is available. Enjoy a dynamic soundtrack that changes as you progress through the game. Acquire all three stars to increase your success chances. Challenge yourself, test your skills, and achieve success. Best wishes to you.

Our website features a VEX Challenges game that is based on the popular Vex series. Play these addictive games and have fun.


Use the WASD / arrow keys to move.

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