Survivor In Rainbow Monster
Survivor In Rainbow Monster
Survivor In Rainbow Monster

Survivor In Rainbow Monster

The characters of Survivor In Rainbow Monster come from the Among Us universe. You must complete assignments and discover impostors in this game. This game allows you to unlock and use many additional features. You can also play other features, such as feeding monsters and finding blocks. Play as a kidnapped child during a trip to Spooky Park with your school. You are alone on an island with the Rainbow Monster. You must survive five nights. You must complete a different task each night to avoid the Rainbow Monsters.

At all costs, avoid touching the Rainbow Guy. Listen out for sounds that may indicate the Rainbow Monsters are approaching. When playing, it is highly recommended to use headphones.

You must be constantly aware of the sounds around you and your environment to survive. Monsters may appear from nowhere, so you must always be vigilant. You can use your attention and senses to decide if it is best for you to leave the area or take refuge. You can use the various hiding spots around the terrain if you are feeling threatened or encountering adversaries. This is going to be an amazing experience.

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  • Accessible boosters
  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • A variety of game modes with various difficulties
  • Daily benefits


Use the WASD keys and the mouse.