Penalty Shooters 3
Penalty Shooters 3
Penalty Shooters 3

Penalty Shooters 3

Penalty Shooters 3 is the latest installment of Penalty Shooters, a series that is known for its incredible penalty shootouts. This version is better than the last! The two types of games in this game will keep you entertained for hours.

  • Tier Mode: Try your skill and bravery in six challenging categories. You will see your score rise as you move through the increasingly challenging levels.
  • World Cup Mode: Explore the world-famous arenas and play World Cup Mode. To win glory, you may have to battle some of the best players on the planet.

Create your jerseys and give them an individual look. The customizable jerseys and tools for creating fantasy teams are among the entertaining features of this penalty game. This game's design puts your timing and accuracy to the test.

Its clever AI opponents are one of its best features. As the game advances, AI opponents will become more intelligent and difficult. The game will be more engaging and keep you focused.

To earn awards, you can choose from over 250 squads. By using your strategy, competing against other players, and winning, you can be the greatest penalty shooter ever. Enjoy the game for as long as you want! Do you want to score many goals and win? Let's get started!

How to play


  • Make note of the indication of shot force.
  • Touch the display or press the left mouse button to commence the shot.
  • Maintain pressure on the projectile target while it remains in motion.
  • When the time is right, release the button to initiate the strike.


  • Withhold your actions until the opposing shooting target materializes.
  • To make a goalie dive, simply touch the target.

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