Zombie Island 3D
Zombie Island 3D
Zombie Island 3D

Zombie Island 3D

Zombie Island 3D takes you on an exciting journey into the unknown. Zombies are everywhere. Find useful items and fight the zombies. Avoid detection by hiding in an area that is secure. Avoid being caught in a circle by changing positions often.

Zombie Island 3D, a survival horror game played from a first-person perspective, has the goal of eliminating all the undead from the island. You can search the island with handguns and batons. Also, you have full automatic rifles. When vicious ghouls pursue you, keep an eye on health packs and ammunition. Combat batons are melee weapons that do not require ammunition. The pistol also has an unlimited supply of ammo. It is necessary to have additional ammunition in order to find the other guns on the island. Be careful when using pyrotechnics. They can cause serious damage to the target, or even death.

It is not a web-based game, but it has high-definition graphics (Io) along with detailed models. This game, developed using the Unity Engine, offers three different visual settings: High, Low, and Medium. The controls of this game are similar to those used in other first-person shooting games. Enjoy playing this game.

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How To Play

  • WASD = Move
  • Mouse = Aim
  • Mouse Left = Shoot
  • Mouse Right = Aim Down Sight
  • R = Reload
  • spacebar = Jump
  • Ctrl = Crouch
  • Shift = Sprint
  • L = Toggle cursor lock
  • 1 = Equip Pistol
  • 2 = Equip Full-Auto Rifle
  • 3 = Equip Grenade
  • 4 = Equip Baton