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Balance It

Balance It3 votes. 3.83 / 5

Balance It is a puzzle game where you must battle with ragdolls while fighting gravity. To help your protagonist escape, you must make use of all the resources available to you. You can remove obstacles using explosives or ropes. With propellers, you can fly. Do you think you have the staff to effectively run this department?

Every step should have the objective of moving the subject to the next one. It is important to balance the weights of all components. Due to gravity's downward force, drones and fans are required to move or raise your object. Gravity may be used to your advantage if the forces are great enough. Lift weights with the person. Keep an eye on your steps. You must restart the game if your character is hurt in any way. Balance Play the game; it is fun!

If you love Balance It, then brain games will be an excellent option. Good luck!


Using mouse.

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