Keep Zombie Away
Keep Zombie Away
Keep Zombie Away

Keep Zombie Away

Keep Zombie Away is a funny survival game in which the players must seek shelter in a dorm to avoid hordes of undead. It is best to remain in bed while the zombies awake. This will improve your building's defenses.

In this game, a zombie dressed in a clown's costume invades the college. Beware of his cute appearance. He is deadly and swift. As soon as the alarm goes off, the clock starts to count down. Search for an unoccupied room in the dormitory.

It is best to assign a room as soon as possible in a dormitory. There is no escape once the door has been locked. You're in trouble if the zombies enter the building as you move through the halls.

It is possible to work under the bed for money. To make your bedroom more secure, invest in hardware and fortifications. You can team up with other people to fight the undead.

The zombie will attack randomly at doors to try and get in. It is a deadly weapon that can kill the player or you. Increase your defensive capabilities to stop the zombies from getting in. The round ends once the zombie has been eliminated. Take on a new challenge this Halloween!

How To Play

  • Use the MOUSE to play
  • Tap the buttons to select upgrades and view the upgrade menu
  • Tap the floor of your room to bring up the upgrade menu
  • Tap the walls to make the upgrade menu vanish