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Spider Swing Manhattan

Spider Swing Manhattan2 votes. 2.75 / 5

Spider Swing Manhattan allows you to control your favourite superheroes. What can you achieve in this New York City-based superhero game?

The brave man in this video is powerful like a spider. It's basically all of it. In this physics game, you can join him on a Manhattan tour. In order for the web shooter to swing, he will have to be able to maintain exact timing.

It is important to you to increase your score. First, jump on the trampoline. You will then aim the spider thread at certain buildings. You will then swing the spider's thread as far as possible. How far can the man swing between buildings before he is hurt?

There are a lot of games you can play online. Some examples include Butcher Warehouse, Stickman Draw the Bridge and Stick Duel: Battle Hero.


Fire webs and use them to swing around the city.

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