Vex 4
Vex 4
Vex 4

Vex 4

The fourth episode of the well-received Vex series is Vex 4. This game has been praised a great deal. This game will help you to improve your skills and abilities. This game has a classic interface as if it were something that a child could create. This method, on the other hand, encourages people to focus their attention on useful information. There are many of these things. There are many traps in the story of this game. Vex 4's action is dynamic, with a lot of running, jumping, and using character skills. Save the tiny fellow by testing your reflexes!

You will face a variety of new obstacles in the Vex Universe. This game will require quick thinking to overcome all obstacles. The interior of the game is a platform covered in multicolored elements. To avoid danger, you must time your jumps. The character that plays the game can also climb up to safety. This game has nine levels. Vex 4 demands constant focus and quick reactions to any game changes. Can you complete these levels of difficulty? Show off your creativity by playing Vex 4!


  • There are nine challenging modes, nine acts, vexation, and an expanding Combat Zone.
  • Fluid and user-friendly 2D visuals.
  • Astonishing physics and reactions
  • A diverse assortment of mementos to commemorate your achievements.
  • Compelling and rigorous gameplay
  • A diverse range of difficulty levels to ascertain

How to play

  • Your mission is to run through the obstacles to find the exit.
  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.

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