Jungle Fall
Jungle Fall
Jungle Fall

Jungle Fall

Jungle Fall is a running game that Imangi created. You must find a way to eliminate the demonic apes from your territory without getting caught in the traps or obstructions they have set up. It is your responsibility to help this brave treasure hunter escape capture while carrying the golden idol. You must guide him through the orange jungle, avoiding traps and other dynamic enemies such as the Venus-flying spacecraft. To succeed, you will need to be brave and dexterous. These scumbag monkeys won't stop trying to get you. With the Jungle Fall Map, the original Temple Run 2 experience is now more colorful. Are you ready to embark on a journey that will take you through things you already know and also include those you are unfamiliar with? I wish you success in all you do and hope you don't become cursed.

For a higher level of difficulty, try Temple Run 2: Frozen ShadowsAmong Us and Raft Wars.



  • Move - AD or Left/Right arrow keys

  • Jump - W or Up arrow key

  • Slide down- S or Down arrow key


  • Move and turn - swipe left / right

  • Jump - swipe up

  • Slide - swipe down