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Raft Wars

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Raft Wars, a level-based shooting game created by Martijn Kunst, is where Simon and you must defend your loot against a variety of enemies. Simon found diamonds while playing in the sand. His story made headlines and pirates all over the world wanted to fight him for his treasure. Simon, his younger brother, and his dog are determined to protect his newly acquired fortune. Although it seems simple, this aim-and-shoot game can be difficult to master. First, drag the mouse to select the angle. Next, adjust the intensity of the motion by moving the mouse up or down. You want to beat all your opponents with tennis balls and other items you have. They will shoot at you every time you take a turn. Before Simon and his younger brother are eliminated, you must defeat the pirates. After you have defeated the pirates, you can move on to the next level. This will include enemies such as Vikings. You can spend your cash to make improvements after you have completed each level. Upgrades in this naval warfare game can give you better gear or rafts to protect your wealth. Raft Wars was originally developed in Flash and is now available in HTML5 on desktop and mobile.


Use your mouse to aim and fire and knock out each of the pirates. Select upgrades to better your chances at beating each level.

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