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Highway Racer

Highway Racer5 votes. 3.2 / 5

Highway Racer is a 3D racing game where you race on a highway and avoid other cars. You must race as fast as possible and avoid collisions with other vehicles.

There are four game modes in this version: one-way and two-way; time attack; speed bomb; The one-way mode has lanes that move in the same direction as each other, while the second-way mode allows lanes to move in opposite directions. The time limit for Time Assault mode is set at 30 seconds. The final speed bomb mode allows you to drive a truck with explosives. If you suffer significant damage or are hit, the explosives will explode. You can also choose from different phases like day, night and rain.

Your car must be able to navigate a busy road without causing collisions with other vehicles. Pass a lot of cars and show off your driving skills by avoiding the cars and trucks that are traveling next to you.

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  • Animation with cool graphics
  • Breathtaking scenery
  • Discover a new character


  • W/Up arrow - Accelerate
  • S/Down arrow - Brake
  • A/Left arrow - Turn left
  • D/Right arrow - Turn right
  • Space - eBrake
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