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Ado Stunt Cars

Ado Stunt Cars3 votes. 4.67 / 5

Ado Stunt Cars, an online racing game, is fast-paced and exciting. The player can test new models of cars, do insane stunts and then emerge victorious. The game features three tracks. Each track has a bunch of ramps that can be used to get huge air or do amazing things.

Select your vehicle from the list and follow the instructions. You are free to do what you want, without any time limits or missions. So fill up your tank, buckle your seatbelt and let your imagination run wild.

This amusing online game will have you racing downhill and performing cool tricks. This online racing game requires you to apply throttle, change gears 2, 3, 4 or higher and perform extreme stunts like ramp jumps and loops. Have fun!

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Arrow keys to drive.

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