Geometry Dash Lite
Geometry Dash Lite
Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite

Welcome to Geometry Dash Lite, an incredible arcade game about music and mazes. In the universe of Geometry Dash, you will face an almost insurmountable difficulty. This rhythm-based action platformer has you leaping and soaring through peril.

This game is the sequel to Geometry Dash, and as such, it has more intriguing elements. Do not delay! Click now to start the game. In this game, you will assume the shape of a cube that must traverse fifteen distinct mazes. In these labyrinths, you will confront several hazards, like spikes, buzzsaws, and tall walls. If you collide with them, the quest will end. You must thus avoid them at all costs. Alternatively, to leap higher, one might employ jump pads or jump rings. They are available along the road. Collect all coins that are concealed everywhere in the mazes and try to go as far as possible. Prove your value by overcoming a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Good luck...

You may also play Geometry Dash SubZero if you want a more difficult version of this game. Otherwise, you may like Geometry Jump!


  • Unlockable and usable character skins come in a variety.

  • There are several levels to finish.

  • Fly through the air while dodging above and below obstacles.


Click the left mouse or press the Spacebar to jump.