Geometry Dash Subzero
Geometry Dash Subzero
Geometry Dash Subzero

Geometry Dash Subzero

Geometry Dash Subzero adds a new dimension to the Geometry Dash series. You must regain control of your rapid thinking and compact geometry to conquer the increasingly difficult levels. You will be traversing a series of frigid, neon-lit levels. Your cube's movement is governed automatically. All you have to do is direct its leaping action.

Avoid obstacles and keep your timing exact when leaping. As you progress, you will need to collect white orbs, which can be used in the shop to purchase new block models. This version of the dash can be quite entertaining. To expand your knowledge, you might find it helpful to play additional geometric games. Are you ready for a challenge? Jumping over the spikes will test your jumping skills. Are you able to travel the longest distance?

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  • Platform game with a head-bobbing beat

  • Amazing level designs and music

  • Use SubZero icons to make your geometric form more unique.

  • Free-to-play

How To Play

  • To make the square leap, use the up arrow key or use the left mouse button.
  • Do you see your name among the top scores? Which side will you wish to support?
  • Let's defeat each one and become experts at this insane game!