Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure
Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure
Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

In the platformer adventure video game Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure you may take on the role of a ball. You are on a quest to find a treasure that is hidden in the world. Can you control the heroic sphere that aids you in navigation on dangerous terrain and saves the riches from the evil warriors?

Due to numerous enemies and dangerous situations, it will be extremely challenging to complete the game. To unlock seven different kinds of balls, you will need to overcome fear and work through difficult situations. It is necessary to complete 45 levels that span three realms. If you take the time to carefully review your choices, you'll be on an amazing adventure. Good luck!

If you find yourself addicted to the most popular adventure games, such as Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure: Fireboy and Watergirl 5 ElementsJungle Fall and Tomb of the Mask, then you will undoubtedly be hooked.


  • 45 levels of challenge
  • Three distinct worlds to explore: Jungle, Mine, and Temple
  • Seven types of balls to choose from: Blue, Orange, Zombie, Mummy, Skeleton, Metal, and Superhero
  • Encounter numerous foes, including Bomberman, Worms, Moles, Spikey Balls, and more
  • Solve a variety of puzzles that require strategic ball rolling and block maneuvering
  • Think twice before taking action to progress through the game
  • A gameplay experience based on an engaging story


Use the WASD keys.

How To Play

Use W,A,D controls for keyboard.