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XMAS Wheelie

XMAS Wheelie1 votes. 5 / 5

XMAS Wheelie, a race that covers a long distance and focuses on biking, is a race. You will play as Santa Claus and ride a bike while doing wheelies. Santa Claus still has plenty of time to play this game online, even though Christmas is closer. You want to get the best possible wheelie.

Santa will start riding if you click anywhere on the screen. Clicking any area of the screen will cause Santa to start cycling. The front wheel will also begin to move backward if you click on it. Santa Claus must keep his pedaling speed steady and not let his front tire pull back too much. As soon as his front or rear wheels touch the ground, your run will stop. Get XMAS Wheelie out! Before you forget the wheelie challenge, make sure to ask Santa!


Click or tap and hold to wheelie

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