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Uphill Rush 12

Uphill Rush 120 votes. NAN / 5

Uphill Rush 12, the brand-new and much-anticipated version, is now available. The music has never been more powerful. For the chance to win, your goal is to get as close without damaging your vehicle as you possibly can. It's still a challenge to get to the end of this version, even in your car. The challenges include loops, dangerous pathways, and leaps. But don't fret; you can still show off and amaze the audience. The game progresses, and you gain access to more skins. More coins will be given to you if you reach more levels. The coins are based on where you put them, the tricks you perform, and your total amount of coins. Spend these coins on unlocking additional characters and attractions. Good luck to you and enjoy yourself!

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  • W or up arrow key = accelerate
  • A or left arrow key = rotate left
  • D or right arrow key = rotate right
  • S or down arrow key = slow down
  • Space = boost speed
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