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Trap The Mouse

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The wicked little mouse has eaten all of your cheese in the Trap The Mouse game. Infuriated, you decided to catch the thief and make a delicious retaliation. The object of this game is to capture the mouse before it runs away. The mouse will stay in the middle of the large mat, which is made up of many hexagonal tiles and supports. Each time you click on a vacant tile to create a pillar, the mouse will move to another tile. Continue this process until the mouse is safely trapped. If you want to win, your objective must be completed before the mouse leaves its mat. You will start the game with 20,000 points, as shown in the upper right corner. 50 points are subtracted for each pillar that is placed on the mat. Can you make an impenetrable trap?


Use the pillars to trap the mouse. Don't click too fast or it will freak the game out!


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