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Stick Fight Combo

Stick Fight Combo1 votes. 0.5 / 5

Stick Fight Combo is a fast-paced side-scrolling action game with a vintage aesthetic. It includes a plethora of hard and replayable missions scattered over five distinct locales, each with its own set of traps, opponents, and secrets to find. Smooth, fast-paced action featuring a plethora of Swordsman, Ninja, and Viking combos. Stick Fight Combo has a basic control scheme that is simple to learn, as well as hard combo chains that will put your abilities, timing, and response speed to the test. Each character has a distinct combat style, which may be honed in Training Mode or tested in 25 missions. Prepare to move quickly and strike hard, since this game was built from the bottom up to be a fast-paced action game. Have a wonderful time!

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