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Stickman Draw the Bridge

Stickman Draw the Bridge1 votes. 2.5 / 5

Stickman Draw the Bridge is a puzzle where the player must use lines in a creative way to move the car closer to the flag. Stickman puzzles can be a fun way to test your problem-solving skills and open up new avenues for inquiry.

Focus on the pencil and keep your eyes fixed on it. You'll be able to avoid falling off the cliffs and rolling down them. Additionally, you will be able to overcome any traps and other obstacles that may be encountered along the way. All of the money will be available to you. You must be careful not to slide or fall down any of these cliffs. You will achieve your goal of reaching the flag at the level's end if you do the assignment well. Have fun!


  • It's a simple physical procedure.
  • Make use of your creativity.
  • A straightforward and enjoyable blend of logic challenges and drawing exercises.
  • The gameplay is simple yet addictive.


To get the car to the finish line, draw a line.

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