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Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race2 votes. 4.5 / 5

Rabbids Wild Race is a funny multiplayer game where you and your rabbit-equipped jetpack must race to the finish line. Enjoy crazy racing with adorable rabbits, and try your best to complete the course before the others! Rabbids provide entertainment, you provide the clicking sound. You will be captivated by the game's vibrant colors and thrilling stages in no time.

Rabbids are also known as Ravin Rabbids and they are wild rabbits that love to cause chaos. Ubisoft created Rabbids Wild Race to allow players to race together in multiplayer online games. Enjoy the races with the bunnies and win the course! Chaos will surely erupt when more people compete in the same race. What's your goal? Win! Thirty-two players are competing for the final position. As your shield is reduced, blast your jet pack and bounce around other players. While you can walk, what fun is that when there are additional dangers on the ground? It's beautiful chaos! Continue flying until you reach your destination. If you have difficulty with the controls or competitive gameplay, you can always re-play the game. You will be burned and lose the round if you use those red lasers. You can zoom in on the screen while being roasted to see odd events, or jump on the heads of others to gain an edge. This game is fun. You decide what the rest of it looks like.


Use space or left-click to fly.

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