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Mr Dracula

Mr Dracula1 votes. 0 / 5

After hundreds of years spent on Earth, Mr Dracula is fond of being alone. To his dismay, Dracula has sought sanctuary in his castle and has no intention of allowing anyone in, even during Halloween. To steal the vampire's delicious treasures, however, a large number of creatures, including zombies, entered the palace. The bloodsucker pulled out a revolver to combat the intruders and asked for your help. To save the vampires' cartridges, which are limited to three per level, it is better if you use ricochet. A bullet that is shot from a stone wall will bounce and fall in Mr Dracula. Enjoy 50 amazing levels and some insane physics!


Mr Dracula doesn't like to share his time with anyone; he prefers being alone after many hundreds of years on Earth.


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