Merge Harvest
Merge Harvest
Merge Harvest

Merge Harvest

Merge Harvest is an addictive puzzle game where you must combine many different objects from a farm in order to create new objects.

You will find an endless supply of exciting new experiences on the other side of your screen. There are over a thousand different tasks to complete, as well as the ability to unlock and combine 250 unique items. You will need to open wooden boxes and capture some jewels in order to get enough energy and gold to continue the game. You will need to process wood, stone, and other raw materials in order to repair buildings, farm, milk, fish, and collect eggs from your chickens. You must also take advantage of every opportunity to discover the secrets hidden around every corner.

There are still many puzzles for you to solve in our merge games collection. Are you ready to take on the challenge?


  • Unlock more than 250 unique objects to merge, combine and interact with in 1000+ quests.
  • Clear the location from poisonous thistle and restore all buildings of BakerTown.
  • Process wood, stone and clay to get the materials needed to repair buildings.
  • Grow fruit and vegetables, and get milk, eggs and fish to make various types of food.
  • Upgrade buildings to speed up your production and upgrade the storage to get free slots.
  • Unveil all the secrets of this friendly town.

How To Play

Using mouse.