Mahjong 3D Candy
Mahjong 3D Candy
Mahjong 3D Candy

Mahjong 3D Candy

Mahjong 3D Candy is a game that will keep you entertained for a long time. The 3D mahjong with a sugary theme is an absolute treat. You must match identical candy tiles to move on. This updated version features vibrant colors and a deeper level of detail.

Get ready for an entirely new level of Mahjong fun. The gameplay of this puzzle is simple, but you will need to practice it in order to master it. If you're looking to get through the area quickly, careful planning and strategic thinking will be required. There are many challenges and milestones that you can reach, with so many levels to explore. The building will open up if you keep it steady. Start by assembling the edges of the puzzle, and then work your way to the middle. You'll need to restart the level if your timer runs out. It's not worth the time or effort to do this. Why wait? Mahjong 3D Candy is a game that you can finish quickly.

Skydom Reforged might be another interesting game. The game is similar, but instead of using puzzle pieces, it uses sweets.


  • Vivid 3D graphics
  • A fresh perspective on mahjong games
  • Simple control principles
  • Dangerous levels
  • Boosters and hints


  • Use the mouse to play or tap the touchscreen.
  • Tap two identical tiles in a row to match them up.
  • Tap the arrow keys on the left and right side of the screen or use the mouse and drag to rotate the cluster of tiles.