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Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy4 votes. 4.63 / 5

Magic Cat Academy is an assortment of web games created as Google Doodles to celebrate Halloween. You play the role of a cat with magical powers. In an unplanned twist of events, spirits enter your home and kidnap your friends. This is unacceptable to you, a cat of honor and magic. To reclaim your companion, you will sprint towards the ghosts and dive into their houses.

Above the ghosts on your gaming screen, you will see a sequence of distinct symbols. The goal is to eliminate all the ghosts on each level using your sketching skills. As you progress through each level, you will find more ghosts to conquer and more difficult levels.

Magic Cat Academy works best when played on a touchscreen Chromebook. It uses swipe-based swiping. To eliminate ghosts, you'll need to use several different movements. This makes the game both challenging and thrilling. Find out if you can get to the finish line and show your determination.

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  • On PC: Drag the mouse to draw the symbols.
  • On mobile: Swipe up on the screen to draw castles and eliminate ghosts.
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