Idle Island
Idle Island
Idle Island

Idle Island

Idle Island is an adventure-based game that takes you on a tour of the island. Prepare for an adventure that requires you to fight, build bridges, collect resources and travel the island.

The goal is to rescue the princess from the clutches of the villain. The adventure game Idle Island requires that the player establish a town and enlist the help of miners and lumberjacks to save the princess.

You can also take part in battles and explore the surroundings. You might also find things that can help you on your journey. Because of the simple controls and exciting goals, you have complete control over how your journey unfolds.

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  • Create your city.
  • Mode for augmented reality
  • Difficult objectives, awards, and accomplishments
  • Even while offline, idle mechanics and money
  • Up to ten cities under your control


  • WASD / arrow keys = move around
  • Left-click = interact with in-game UI

How To Play

Easy control with the mouse or keyboard with the wasd and arrow keys. Your goal is to take revenge on your nemesis and free the princess!