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Idle Breakout

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Idle Breakout brings back a classic Atari game. Breakout on Atari was a wonderful game. This idle game is a new take on the genre. To earn money, click on the colored blocks. Each block you click has a fixed cost, which you can increase. This money can be used to buy upgrades or breakout balls that will help you crush more blocks.

Each subsequent upgrade is more expensive. There are several types of balls, including plasma, which can cause splash damage and travel faster. Power-ups are also available that have a shorter lifespan. For example, the Click Fury power-up allows you to make power balls anywhere you click for 30 seconds. Find out how far you are able to go and how many Idlebreakout levels you can achieve. Idle Breakout is another comparable pinball-style game.


You can play this game entirely with your mouse. Click on bricks to break them. In the top menu you can click to buy new balls, as well as access the upgrade menus to become more powerful!

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