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Herobrine Vs Monster School

Herobrine Vs Monster School0 votes. NAN / 5

Herobrine Vs Monster School is a game inspired by the well-known and beloved Mr Bullet. As Evil Herobrine, you take on the role. Monster School students are outraged. To punish the Monster School kids, he shoots a bow in this cube universe. Herobrine was eventually furious at the Monster School's misbehaving children. Herobrine was furious at the misbehaving students of Monster School and decided to use his crossbow, wooden bows, and TNT. Herobrine versus Monster School will see you as the head of a student group that has become angry. It's your turn to shoot bosses, slugs, or skeletons. You can fight while enjoying amusing sounds and animations from Monster School!


- To fire a bow, tap or click.

- To win, use arrows to destroy your foes!

- Fire slugs at adversaries to cause them to fall.

- Pull levers to open doors.

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