Gun War Z2
Gun War Z2
Gun War Z2

Gun War Z2

Gun War Z2 is a first-person shooter that tasks players with rescuing survivors from undead masses and guiding them to a secure structure.

You are tasked with preventing the undead apocalypse from occurring. Utilize a variety of weapons, stages, and straightforward controls for this. The planet is now dominated by zombies.

Your mission as a first-person shooter is to defend as many people as possible from the undead horde. There are thirty total levels. These levels can be divided into three divisions. From machine guns to lasers, there are numerous weapon options available. By customizing your weapon and sight configurations, you can express your uniqueness while performing routine duties.

As you assist people in reaching the aerodrome, you are about to embark on a thrilling expedition. Utilizing projectiles or exploding containers should only be done to ensure their safety and not to harm others. Gun War Z2 will take you on an extraordinary adventure.

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  • Simple and intuitive mouse control.
  • Firing a rocket to the “A” key.

How To Play

Simple and intuitive mouse control. Firing a rocket to the "A" key. Your task is to get people to the airfield and take them to safety. Be careful when firing missiles or blowing up barrels, people can be hurt by flying around!