Getaway Shootout
Getaway Shootout
Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout is an intense competition to reach the escape goal on each map. You and three other competitors race for the extraction point in the Getaway Shootout. This is not a normal race. The only way to the finish line is by jumping. To begin, choose a game mode or a character. You must reach the escape vehicle, or vehicles, first. This could be a truck or a helicopter. To reach the finish line, you and your team must overcome obstacles. You will need to acquire firearms, rifles and grenades on the way so you can use them against your enemies. To unlock new avatars, earn money.

Enjoy this exciting and explosive video game. The online version of Getaway Shootout allows you to control your character using only three buttons. This exciting shooter requires you to guide your character to a helicopter at each level. To win the race, you must have a diverse arsenal of weapons against your opponents. You and your friend can have hours of pure laughter while you play this game on the same keyboard. Get excited for the Getaway Shootout!

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Player 1

  • W - jump left
  • E - jump right
  • R - power-up

Player 2

  • I - jump left
  • O - jump right
  • P - power-up