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Garden Tales 3

Garden Tales 30 votes. NAN / 5

Garden Tales 3 is an exciting match-3 game that features over 3000 levels. You will be able to harvest and clean up in a paradise garden.

Continue your journey with fruits, vegetables, and flowers! There are over 3000 levels waiting for you! As you use the mouse, or press and swipe, the cute garden gnomes will join you. Combine at least three identical tiles to harvest them. You will be able to create longer chains and merge around corners. This will allow you to obtain row or column blasters or spiral bombs that can be used to remove all tiles from a particular area. Mix these boosters carefully to improve their effectiveness and complete the level goals.

You can also use other power-ups, like the swap and shovel, to move tiles. You'll also encounter additional objectives as you move through the garden. These include cleaning out muck and eliminating vines. There's always something to do in a garden as beautiful as this! Don't forget the wheel of fortune! Take advantage of daily prizes and presents!

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Use the left mouse button to swap objects.

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