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Football Master

Football Master1 votes. 5 / 5

You can participate in a contest for the title of Football Master. Choose your favorite team among all those participating. One or two of your players will be in charge of your football team. To earn the title Football Master, you can choose to play in short matches or go the distance in tournament mode. If you win the final match and perform well throughout the competition, you may be awarded the title of Champion. There are two players to choose from. Each participant has their own unique ability. Do you want to kick a ball with great force? Choose the Thunderbolt option. Try to increase your speed until you can teleport behind a ball. Teleportation is another option. In the cooperative mode, you and your friend can compete against each other. Play Football Master to prepare for the Euro 2020 competition. Is it possible to win the trophy?


First Player

  • W, A, S, D keys to move.
  • B key to shoot.
  • V key for super shoot.

Second Player

  • Direction keys to move.
  • L key to shoot.
  • K key to super shoot.


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