Football Juggle
Football Juggle
Football Juggle

Football Juggle

Football Juggle is a simple, but entertaining soccer game that will keep you awake at night. How long can the ball bounce using only the feet? You might attract people using tricks. You will amaze your audience if you are skilled in juggling. This new sport for men necessitates learning as many soccer skills as possible.

This football game will teach you how to juggle. You must control a dummy to pass the ball. This online soccer game will test your juggling skills. You should practice ball control. This will allow you to score high in one of the most popular games of soccer for boys. These points can be used to buy stalls.

If you are able to master sophisticated soccer tactics, then you might get more admirers. You will soon be a top-ranked soccer player and earn more praise. Kick more from a close location to score more goals. This pixel art game uses physics to help you strike the star. Avoid contact with obstacles and the ground. Keep calm and wait for the right time. Do you qualify for the World Cup? It's possible!



  • Click and drag the mouse to move your player’s feet
  • The side of the screen you click will determine which foot you lift


  • Use your finger to move your player’s feet
  • Tap, hold, and drag one foot to lift and move it

How To Play

How To Play Football Juggle