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Flick Rugby

Flick Rugby1 votes. 5 / 5

Flick Rugby is a brand-new game that we are excited to share with all rugby fans worldwide. The ball will be used to advance the play, and you'll get many opportunities to practice. When you look at the screen, you'll see a field of rugby. The far end may contain a unique gate. The flap will conceal a sphere of a specific size. A ball appears in the field right in front of your eyes. It is important to determine the amplitude and direction of the hit. Click and drag the ball along the desired path using the mouse. Adjust the force as necessary. If your prediction is correct and your shot results in a goal, you'll earn points. It's over if you fail to beat the level. Find out how much you can continue to kick without stopping.

Rugby 2021 is a game that is similar to Flick Rugby. I can guarantee that you will love it!

How To Play

Use mouse or touch to play.

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