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FarAway1 votes. 1.5 / 5

FarAway is an online driving game in which players drive off-road vehicles such as four-wheel jeeps. This allows them to navigate through difficult, obstructed roads. To avoid obstacles, acceleration and brake may be combined. This will ensure that you maintain control of your vehicle. You will need to start the process from the beginning if your car is in an accident or gets rolled over. Driving simulator Drive Mad has 100 levels that will test your driving skills. You'll have the chance to drive many vehicles, some of them surprising. Every stage has the same goal: to get to the finish line. Each phase will have its own set of strategies for achieving this goal. You will see your crazy car reach the finish line. It will be amazing how many levels you can reach! To find more versions of this game, you can also look through our selection of Drive Mad games.

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