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Dressing Up Rush

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Dressing Up Rush is a fun and challenging dress-up game in which you must navigate a runway strewn with diamonds and other obstacles while sporting the right outfit. This is a great, free online game where you get to try on a wide variety of garments along a lengthy runway. The aim is to amass the right pieces of clothing so that you may recreate the exact look of the model in the photo.

Of course, in addition to selecting the outfit, you will need to decide whether it should change color, which will require you to walk in front of a spray can or immerse yourself in paint with various patterns. To complete each level, use your imagination and attempt to match your appearance to the picture. You'll need to gather diamonds along the road to the finish line, which may be used to furnish your mansion. Have fun with Dress Up Rush


USE THE MOUSE to guide your character through each obstacle course.

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