Dead City : Zombie Shooter
Dead City : Zombie Shooter
Dead City : Zombie Shooter

Dead City : Zombie Shooter

Dead City: Zombie Shooter is a game that will make you a strong, skilled soldier in special forces to fight many demons. This project is part of the expansive shooter category. This project is highly desired due to its precise execution, strong control, shooting mechanics, and robust execution. strong topic related to zombies. Multiple nominations for the title of "genre project" show the game's increasing popularity among gamers.

The shooter, a gunman, is responsible for destroying the zombies and other evil beings in the area. Choose a weapon that you like, and be sure to check the levels carefully. This will prevent you from attacking uninvolved zombies. Your opponents will attack you first, so speed and dexterity are crucial.

The level is completed when all zombies have been eliminated and you are still alive. You cannot simply hit the fire key to see a never-ending flow of bullets. This project includes realistic firing mechanics as well as complete reload settings. Before you engage in gunfights, make sure your store is stocked.


  • Move your mouse to aim
  • Use ASDW keys to move
  • Press left mouse button to shoot
  • L to lock the sight
  • R to reload