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Crowd Lumberjack

Crowd Lumberjack4 votes. 4.25 / 5

In Crowd Lumberjack, a 3D game, you don an axe and go out into the wilderness to find your fortune. To help you create incredible structures, recruit some more lumberjacks to join your crowd squad. Run with the crowd and watch trees fall. I'm discovering a vast universe. Create stunning new cities and locate uncharted isles. Ready? Set! Chop and construct! Raise yourself to the position of island leader and amass the most followers possible. Takes up with the other island lumberjacks. Increase the power of your troops. Increase the power of your troops. You can create a city quickly if there are a lot of woodcutters. Lumberjack has a similar one-finger control scheme to other 3D stickman games. It features very easy control and is fast-paced due to the auto-chopping and construction process. You may start the game by choosing your phone, cutting down trees, rally your followers, and constructing awesome structures.


Swipe across the screen or use WASD to move Cut trees and build!


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